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Top Tips for Buying a Halloween Costume for Kids

It’s that season once again! If you and your kids are excited about Halloween costume shopping, you’re definitely not alone. Still, that doesn’t mean choosing any costume out there is okay. Besides letting them wear something want to wear, you’d should also make sure it’s right for them.

Here are tips to help you and the kiddos as you shop:

Go through the packaging.

With all those candles trying to create that spooky Halloween mood, fire is a valid concern. Before buying a product, the Consumer Products Safety Commission says you must look for “flame resistant” or “flame retardant” on the label. That doesn’t mean the item won’t burn however. It still will, but slowly enough that the wearer will have time to take off the costume unharmed.

Another reason you’d like to check the label is to make sure the costume is not something your child might be allergic to. To be safe, pick a costume that is made of breathable fabric. Cotton is probably the safest.

Choose the right size.

It’s important that your child can move freely while wearing the costume. The costume should be comfortable and allow your child to move fast if necessary, as when he needs to get out of the way of traffic.

Choose the right mask.

When choosing a mask, make sure it fits just right. Otherwise, it can block vision or obstruct breathing when it slips. A lot of inexpensive masks have very small eye openings that obstruct peripheral vision. Find a mask with openings that are big enough to provide a full range of vision.

Pick good soles.

A pair of dazzling glass slippers are essential Cinderella footwear, but she won’t be able to dance a lot at the ball with a twisted ankle or blisters on her feet.

Just keep footwear reasonable.

Shoes that are low-heeled and fit well are the best to wear during Halloween.

Be prudent with accessories.

This is where being flimsy is a good thing. Buy accessories that are soft and pliable. If your child’s outfit includes a wand, buy something made of thin plastic or sponge so that it will just bend when the child falls.

Be conscious of the weather.

The end of October can feel cold. It’s not surprising for snowflakes to fall on trick-or-treaters. You can keep the kids can warm without ruining their costume by making them wear a skin suit underneath, their face unzipped. The suit works just great for warmth and protection. Or just have them wear a fuzzy animal costume.

Save some money.

If you want a popular costume, you should expect to pay more. If you plan on something more generic, don’t overlook a costume store’s clearance bin.